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24/7 Prayer

Here, we have the opportunity to impact pastors and our nation with 24/7 prayers about national revival and spiritual awakening. In October 2017, our organization held a second pastors’ gathering at the Capitol in Washington DC with Awaken the Dawn.

What would it be like if that canopy of night and day worship and prayer covered the nation? As 50 tents from all 50 states filled the National Mall with night-and-day worship, prayer, and reading of the Word, God breathed life on a dream Lewis and Rachel have been carrying.

History sets the precedent for this. One of America’s greatest revivals in history was when Jeremiah Lanphier, a concerned layman, started a noon prayer meeting for New York businessmen. On September 23, 1857, only six people came to the first prayer meeting. When spring came, prayer meetings were held in various locations and attendees reached 10,000.

In 1858, just prior to the Civil War, the Layman’s Prayer Revival was in full swing. In cities and small towns all over America, people were assembling every night for prayer. In fact, it was said that you could travel by horse and buggy from Omaha, Nebraska to Washington, D.C., and expect to find churches packed for prayer wherever you might stop for the night.

Today, we find America in a very similar situation as in 1858. We are a nation more divided than at any other time since the Civil War. This present conflict and divide threatens to pull our nation apart at the seams. In 1858, the prayer movement and revival was fueled by layman and businessmen.

In 2018, there is a critical need for pastors to take responsibility for America’s spiritual condition. The prayer movement and revival must be fueled by pastors and Christian leaders in our local churches throughout our nation. Our one hope is to see pastors and Christian leaders come together in unity to release the spirit of prayer and revival over our nation.

Over the last 20 years, the prayer movement in America has been fueled by Houses of Prayer and para-church ministries. Although grateful for the foundation of this movement, we must see the spirit of prayer and revival in this season released upon pastors and the local church in our nation.

To facilitate the birthing of 24/7 prayer at the local church level across the DFW Metroplex, state of Texas, and our nation, there has been the launching of DFW Prays and America Prays:

DFW Prays

The vision of DFW Prays is to see 300 churches across the DFW Metroplex to be networked and linked together in 24/7 prayer to see spiritual awakening in the Metroplex.

America Prays

The vision of America Prays is to see 40,000 churches across all 50 states to be networked and linked together in 24/7 prayer to see spiritual awakening in America.

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